When going in an overseas adventure, you should get to know the place and available activities. You see, you want to know your schedule of activities before arriving there; no one want to be that guy who looks like a deer in headlights when going to a place that they are unfamiliar with. Remember to do your research before going to the magnificent Phi Phi Islands.

Before you book your touring package, ask yourself ‘what to do in Phi Phi Islands?’, ‘things to do in Phi Phi Island?’ ‘what else can I do?’ and such. If you don’t know where exactly to look for your activities, then you came to the right place. We’re here to provide you with an array of choices to choose from. Take note that we’re not limiting your experience to what’s written here, you can go on to your own personalized list; we’re merely providing you with suggestions.

Take a Deep Breath…

The diving spots in Koh Phi Phi are so magnificent that you wouldn’t want to resurface if you could. Back in 2004 they were struck by such a devastating tsunami, but now they have fully recovered; it’s as if a tsunami never struck the island.

Koh Bida Nok

Koh Bida Nok

one of their more popular diving spots, Ko Bida Nok is teeming with colourful corals. Aside from the collars, the fish and other marine life is a sight to see for themselves: leopard sharks, eels, turtles and more.

Ko Bida Nai

Ko Bida Nai


Actually, Ko Nai is just a blink away from Ko Bida Nai; they’re like sister islands. It’s as exquisite as its sister island, also there’s a high chance that you’ll sight a black tip reef shark.

Hin Bida (Shark Point)

Hin Bida (Shark Point)

Basically, the Shark Point’s reef has three pinnacles and it’s actually a marine sanctuary. Out of these three pinnacles, the largest amazingly breaks through the ocean surface and giving it the look of a barren rock. The reefs here are home to an amazing array of colourful, tropical vibrant and soft corals.

Garang Hang

Garang Hang

This quaint reef is submerged just east of Phi Phi Le. If you choose to dive here you’ll be granted a view of thriving reefs with anemones, leopard sharks and numerous soft corals.

Wang Long 

Wang Long

This diving is only recommended for the experienced divers mainly because of the caves. These underwater networks of caves are what made Wang Long famous. The tunnels in these caves go through rock faces in two places. Surfacing is possible only through the large cave at the end of the tunnels.

King Cruiser Wreck 

King Cruiser Wreck

A many of you might have guesses, it’s said that this diving spot is the remains of a passengers ship that sunk way back in 1997. The ship sunk when it hit the anemone reef.

Anemone Reef 

Anemone Reef

This massive sight is located in between Koh Phi Phi and Phuket. The enormous limestone pinnacle rises 30 from the seabed itself; the top is only 4 meters from the water’s surface. As you may have guessed, this diving site is abundant with anemones. Anemones will hold on to any surface as they wait for schools of fish. It may be an anemone reef, but you’ll be amazed at the amount of fish you get to swim with like: snappers, groupers, tuna, barracuda, leopard shark and (try not to be surprised because these are anemones) clown fish of course.

Shark Point Phuket

Shark Point Phuket

Quite similar to Anemone Reef in the way it’s submerged, Shark Point Phuket and Anemone Reef are actually close; many agencies offer a complete tour package of Shark Point, Anemone and King Cruiser Wreck.

Hin Dot

Hin Dot

Located south of Phi Phi Don, these pinnacles are also called Chimney Rock. These formations drop to around 30 meters with numerous coral shelves that you can actually explore during your descent.

Loh Samah Bay 

Loh Samah Bay

This diving site is popular among night-time divers; it’s teeming with nocturnal marine life. The sea floor is extremely sandy, it hides clams and oysters and even brain corals; these are the perfect environment for nocturnal marine life to hide in. An underwater canyon can also be found; its 15 m deep and because of its narrowness only let one person can swim in at a time.

Hin Pae 

Hin Pae

Compared to other diving sites, this one is relatively shallow at only 10 meters to 15 meters deep. Due to the shallowness of the diving site, it’s a perfect area for snorkelling. You’ll get the chance to see corals of all kinds along with the numerous fish they shelter. Some of the resident marine lives are lobsters, crabs, groupers, snappers, surgeon fish and angelfish.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang 

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang

It’s also possible to visit these world class diving sites from Ko Phi Phi for a fee of around 5,500.

Other Activities



from Long Beach, there’s a nearby rock formation know as Shark Point, named because of the frequent visits of harmless blacktip reef sharks. You can also catch a view of breathtaking corals, giant clams, anemones and sea urchins.

Yoga Classes –

Yoga Classes at phi phi

a lot of yoga classes are offered by various establishments, one of them is Keira of Keirita Yoga; they offer yoga sessions on a daily basis.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at phi phi

beaches are not the only tourist spots on Phi Phi Island, you can also go rock climbing.


Kayaking at Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island’s beaches are scenic indeed, the perfect place to go kayaking. You can go alone or you can also bring a companion; kayaks are rented per hour or even per day. For a two-man kayak, you have to pay around 200 or 300 THB per hour.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping at Phi Phi

this is actually a new activity to Ton Sai Bay. The reason why these cliffs are ideal for cliff jumping is because of the height of the cliffs (6 meters to 16 meters) and the depth of the waiting water below. It’s a fairly safe activity as long as you won’t show off, like do back flips when you’re not experienced, or else you might get injured.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching at phi phi

if you really intend to go bird watching, then we suggest that you visit Phi Phi Island around January to April. Rare birds can actually be spotted, like egrets, bitterns, herons, finfoots and a lot more.


Fishing at phi phi

it’s a beach, so you might as well go fishing. Novice fishers can take home marlins, sailfish barracuda and tuna.

Food Trips

What kind of trip would it be if you wouldn’t so much as eat the local delicacies? Say yes to authentic Southern Thai food. Remember, their cuisine is famous for being spicy and extremely varied

Calamero Resto

Calamero Resto at Phi Phi

it’s a fairly simple restaurant that serves quality food. When they wide variety, they mean wide variety, you can choose breakfast, pizza, fresh pasta, Thai food complemented with seasonal fruit shakes and even cocktails.

Only Noodles Pad Thai

Only Noodles Pad Thai

take a walk towards the end of lane and seek the small shack found right in between Irish Pub and Harmony Travel. There you’ll find this small eatery run by a friendly lady all by herself. It’s probably quite obvious, but she only sells Pad Thai with rice noodles. A shrimp or chicken pad Thai will only cost you 80 to 90 baht.


Papaya Phi Phi

this small restaurant was one of the first restaurants that rebuilt after the devastating tsunami. This green restaurant is located in front of the Reggae Bar and right beside Tiger Bar. It’s run by a welcoming and friendly Mr. Nod. It’s not the fanciest restaurant in the world but the food is extremely delicious. They serve the most budget friendly, authentic Thai food, thus its spiciness. Don’t worry if you’re not into the tongue burning sensation, the staffs have percentages of spices and ‘Thai Spicy’ is at the top of the list. Oh and when you get your drinks at the chillers, prepare to meet the additional staff that lives in there, Mr. Nod’s cat.

Night Life

There are also a variety of bars that can accommodate everyone’s bar preferences. Here are some of them:

Carlitos Bar

Carlitos Bar Phi Phi

ask the nice staff for drinks and chill by the beach. This bar is filled with Scandinavian party-goers during winter.

Ibiza Bar

Ibiza Bar at Phi Phi

the number one go-to bar for all those seeking to bust their moves. There are live bands that play rock and roll favourites and fire shows every night.

Reggae Bar

Reggae Bar at Phi Phi

one of the popular bars, they stage mock muay Thai fights almost every night. If you’re lucky enough to be at the right place and time then you might get the chance to join in. So here’s how it goes, the staff invites the tipsy or drunk tourists to get geared up and then placed in the ring. Both tourists will beat each other for a couple of rounds, they’ll get free buckets afterwards.

Tia and Millie Sunflower Bar

Tia and Millie Sunflower Bar at Phi phi

located at Lohdalum Bay, it’s actually a nautically-theme bar at the beach. Some of its features are the ‘ark’, longtail-bar, pool tables and laid-back beach seating.