List of Phi Phi Island Tour Packages:

Phi Phi Island tour by Speed Boat
Phi Phi Island+Mayabay+ Khai Island by speed boat
Phi Phi Island+Khai Island by Speed Boat

Phi Phi island+Bamboo Island by Speed Boat

Speed boat tour packages offered by not only get you an amazing experience of Phi Phi Islands and the nearby Maya Bay, but you can also experience Bamboo Island. For those that have yet to visit the Bamboo Island, it’s noticeably less crowded compared to the other islands. We highly recommend their Phi Phi Island + Bamboo Island by speedboat package, here’s an overview of the tour alongside the fees.

 Speed boat phi phi island picture



Phi Phi+Bamboo+Khai+Yao Yai Island by Speed Boat

speed boat yao ying+phi phi+bamboo

Obviously, the archipelago of Phi Phi has too many islands to visit in you short stay and not everyone can extend just because they want to. That being said, you might want to look at the awesome offers of, especially their Phi Phi + Bamboo + Khai + Yao Yai Island by speed boat. So many islands in one day and you won’t even be pressed for time; they’ll give you a lot of free time to have your fill of the experience.

Phi Phi island+Bamboo Island by Big Boat

phi phi and bamboo big boat

It’s not every day that you get a chance to visit Phi Phi Islands and Bamboo Island, more so when you decide to tour it on a big boat. Of course you wouldn’t want to just look at the islands from a far, you want to experience everything that they have to offer.

It’s a good thing that this sweet ride is offered by with reasonable prices; the chance to visit Phi Phi Island + Bamboo Island by big boat is a chance you should never miss. To know more about the package tour that they are offering, we encourage you to read on ahead.

Phi Phi day Trip by Ferry

Phi Phi day Trip by Ferry

There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist on a budget, it quite a talent actually to be able to not spend a fortune in your vacation.

In reality, a lot of people seek the budget friendly routes and options, that’s why people flock to one of the famous tour package offered by The Phi Phi day trip by ferry is offered everyday and all year round, it’s also the best offer they have with the lowest prices and the trip will only take about 90 minutes. More details can be found here.

Phi Phi tour by Express Boat

Phi Phi tour by express boat

Express boats are not the most common vehicle to use when going to the Phi Phi Island, nonetheless it’s also a great choice. is a travelling agency that will be able to help you experience a Phi Phi tour by express boat. You will be given the chance to ride a quality fully-equipped cruiser.

Also, you can indulge yourself in the comforts of an air-conditioned boat while you lay your eyes on majestic sceneries. Scrumptious food is also readily available atop the express boat, what more could you even ask for? More details are listed here

Phi Phi island half day tour by speed boat
Phi Phi island, Bamboo Island and Mosquito island by speed boat

Private Speed Boat Charter

Private Speed Boat Charter

We have so many kinds of tourists, there are those who love to travel like the locals and there are those who prefer to travel in style. The all out deluxe package if you will, of course every tour agency has their versions of deluxe packages.

We suggest the private speed boat charter service offered by Tourists who choose this package get a chance to escape the bustling crowds and the whole trip is customizable to accommodate your wants.

Phi Phi Islands Full-Day Speedboat Trip
Monkey beach (Koh Phi Phi Island)

A lot of you might not have ever heard of this alluring island with pristine beaches; travelling there is a must if you want to experience a real vacation. We know that you’re already bored of the common trips that you take to places that you had already seen and experienced; so it’s about time to add a new destination called Phi Phi Island.

We want to let you know that this isn’t a deserted island or anything; establishments there offer Phi Phi island tours, Phi Phi ferries, Phi Phi island tour packages and Koh Phi Phi tour. You’ve guessed it! The island is already a popular tourist destination.

An Introduction to the Phi Phi Islands

phi phi island picture

Phi Phi Islands are part of Thailand and are located somewhere between Phuket and the Strait of Malacca. Out of the group the largest and most populated one is called Ko Phi Phi Don. Meanwhile the famous beaches are located in another island named Ko Phi Phi Lee which is also a runner up in island size. There are other islands too like Ko Mai Phai, Bida Noi and Bida Nok.

How Did it Become Famous?

The Beach Movie

The islands earned their place on the tourist map when it was used as a set for the British-American film titled ‘The Beach’. Although the producers received a lot of hate and criticism due to the fact that they had to bulldoze a lot of beach areas and plant trees in order to match the scene with the description in the book.

What is Koh Phi Phi Weather like?

koh phi phi weather

Since the islands are located in a tropical part of Asia, tropical monsoon winds play a huge factor in the overall weather and climate. The islands experience only two seasons: May until December presents the rainy season while the scorching weather is reserved for the month of January until April. The temperatures can be a mere 17 degrees Celsius to a feverish 37 degrees Celsius. If you’re aiming to spend your time on the beaches, then don’t make travel plans during July and sometimes February. 

How to get to Koh Phi Phi


phi phi ferry

Ferry to koh phi phi is quite common and most popular form of transportation when you’re heading to Phi Phi Islands. You can catch a ride from the docks of Phuket, Ko Lanta and Krabi. The earliest ride is schedules at 8:30 and the last is scheduled for 14:30. People visiting Phi Phi Islands nust pay 20 baht upon arriving at the pier destination.


phi phi by air

Although there is no airport at Phi Phi Island, the only way to reach by Air is to land in Phuket, Krabi and Trang which are the nearest airports; and from these 3 major airports you can connect to various Ferry points.